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Husse's high quality dog foods with home delivery gives your dog all the nutrients and energy it needs, which show in their health, coat and vitality. Husse dog foods are available dry, tinned or foil packed

Which dog food is best?

Choosing the best dog food will depend on many factors including:
  • Preference –whether your dog likes wet dog food or dry dog food, though it is best to feed a mixture.
  • Age – puppy foods designed to meet the needs of growing puppies are very different from those for adult dogs. Older, less active dogs do best on senior dog food.
  • Breed – apart from dog food for medium dogs and puppies, the Husse range includes large dog food, small breed dog food, large breed puppy food and food for small breed puppies.
  • Lifestyle – Working dog food is specially formulated to meet the high energy needs of very active dogs. Fat dogs require obesity dog food which helps weight control in overweight dogs.
  • Allergies – if your dog needs sensitive dog food , we also provide hypoallergenic dog food for sensitive stomachs.

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